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43 TEENIE treats (5 to 15 lb. dogs)
20 PETITE treats (15 to 25 lb. dogs)
12 REGULAR treats (25 to 50 lb. dogs)
8 LARGE treats (50 to 100 lb. dogs)

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Greenies smart treats has been reformulated using high quality protein sources which are more easily digested. The new softer chewier texture allows the dog to chew the bone into smaller pieces thereby also increasing the digestibility of the food.

Why the new chewy texture?
Greenies formula helps reduce plaque and tarter by mechanical abrasion, the scraping and scrubbing of the tooth, just like original greenies. But unlike many other products, the chewy texture of Greenies, makes it easier for the dogs teeth to penetrate the treat to help clean all the way down to the gum line. The new chewy texture also encourages a dog to chew more which increases the mechanical action on the dog's teeth.

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