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Dog Training Tips

Do you have problems with your dog lunging at passerbys, dogs, squirrels, joggers, cars, etc.? Here are suggestions to eliminate/minimize the behavior before it escalates into major problems.

1. Don’t allow your dog access to the entire yard where he can practice barking, lunging, etc. at people near your property. This behavior can eventually turn into territorial aggression. Fix your fencing so your dog is unable to practice the behavior, or only place fencing in the back where he can’t see passerby’s, or cut off the sides of your house so you control both the front and the back of your property.
2. Use shrubbery to block off vision and prevent constant barking/lunging.
3. Allow your guests to be able to drive up and walk up to the front door without being greeted by an over exuberant or problematic pooch. Some humans are terrified of any dog, even calm or small ones.
4. Don’t leave your dog unsupervised with underground fences. Anyone can walk up and steal your dog or tease your dog. And other dogs can access your yard.
5. If you have a fence jumper, you can place an underground fence a few feet before your actual fence, install coyote rollers at the top or get a professional trainer to help you prevent the behavior.
6. Place chicken wire fencing stapled into the fence and dug into the ground for dogs that dig out of fences.
7. Install springs on the gates so they close automatically to prevent lost dogs.

I hope this helps!