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7 Steps to the ‘Come’ Command

K9 Solutions Training Tips by Sylvie Pleasant

  • Make coming to you the best thing in the world! Use lots of enthusiasm and praise with a happy voice tone.
  • Make sure you have their attention before you use the word Come.
  • Only use the word Come once then go get him right away and cheerfully lead him back to where you called him from. Give him LOTS of praise when he comes, even if you’ve had to go three blocks to get him!
  • Never call him to you to punish him or do something unpleasant such as clipping nails. He will only remember that he was punished when coming to you. If you use an angry tone, he will naturally hesitate or not come.
  • Only use your Come word when you are sure you can go get your dog if he chooses to ignore you.
  • If your dog does ever run away, he might come back if you kneel down, flop on the ground, or run the other way.

Teaching the Come Command

  1. Make it a fun game to chase you for a few feet.
  2. Turn and say Come as he approaches.
  3. Praise profusely as you give 1 treat at a time for a total of 10 treats.
  4. Do this exercise four times each session 1-2 times per day for 2 weeks.
  5. Then maintain a reliable Come by reviewing 1-2 times per week.
  6. When he comes reliably, start weaning off the treats. Sometimes he gets a couple, sometimes none, and sometimes a jackpot so he never knows when it might appear! However, always maintain by practicing 1-2 times per week.
  7. If he ever ignores you, either show him what he missed out on and give it to another dog or throw it in the trash in front of him, or get him to chase you.

Good luck and have fun!