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What does ‘Holistic’ mean?

By: Thor

Is the word ‘Holistic’ marketing hype when it comes to pet food?  The short answer is that it can be.  There is no legal definition for the term ‘Holistic’ so companies can use it as they wish.  What you need to do is read into the label and past the title to find out what holistic means for that particular product.  For me, the term Holistic represents the philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

What I want in a Holistic pet food is:

  • Only natural ingredients are used.  No chemicals or artificial anything.  No antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or dyes.
  • The pet food uses whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  No processed parts or by-products of ingredients.
  • The ingredients chosen for the recipe are selected to benefit the animal.  They are not there to make the food more appealing to the pet owner or to entice your pet to eat something they normally would not.
  • The food contains enhanced vitamins and chelated/proteinated minerals.

We all know the benefits of eating a healthy diet.  Make sure to read the label and not just go for the best sounding name or prettiest bag!

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13 responses to “What does ‘Holistic’ mean?”

  1. Wow, that’s good to know. I didn’t know that anyone could use the ‘holistic’ name/brand whenever they want.

  2. Luiza says:

    I still don’t understand what holistic dog food means. Some one plz help me I’m new at this I’m going to get a dog and I’m looking for good information on how to take care and feed my dog.i know a little ( basics on how to take care of my dog) so help me plz.

    • Tessa says:

      Holistic isn’t defined legally, which means anyone can use it for what it means for them. However, most dog foods who label their food as Holistic usually mean that there are no by-products, corn, fillers, and sometimes even grains, which are things that your dog doesn’t need. He needs meat, and your dog food should contain said meat (identified on package, not just generalized as meat), fruits, and vegetables. To find out what you should and shouldn’t want in your dog food, watch this video, and I hope to have helped!

    • Sheryl says:

      Try this website. It informs you what to look for in your ingredients label.

      • Tammy says:

        Thanks for the info I have been feeding wrong kinda of food going to change that for sure. I have a old dog and will be getting puppy in 6 weeks so I’m making the change today.

  3. Luiza says:

    Thx you guys this kinda helped !

    • George says:

      Holistic food is the kind of food your body can make good use of all of its ingredients and use all it’s nutrients. Now note it is not equally received by every body, as every body have different needs. For example take fast food , it’s carefully engineered starting with the smell, chemicals are added to trigger your sense of smell and since our system is not built to deal with trickery it will tell you that it needs what it smells, then when you eat the fast food you will feel full, but your body will struggle to digest it looking for good nutrients it and vitamins to use to make you healthier it most likely won’t find anything useful, instead it burns lots of energy to digest it and get nothing in return. Even worse in many cases it will add horrible things to your body that your body cannot get rid of and you will see high cholesterol and extra fat and your health will gradually deteriorate. Holistic food is the opposite and that is true for humans and animals alike. Food is our fuel and it should be clean and meaningful and well prepared to satisfy our needs or our pets needs, I hope this helps.

    • George says:

      My advice is, read the ingredients any ingredient that is not known to you look it up, avoid all chemicals and preservatives, coloring and flavoring.
      Look for high antioxidant ingredients vitamins and good natural nutrients, like real fish and real meat that are used in the pets foods, avoid bacon for example it’s just fat with super low nutrients.

  4. Sara, LVT says:

    I just would like to add that canines do not NEED meat however yes it can be an important part of a active dogs diet. Less important for house dogs that are not very active. Also grains are not bad for them, so food being grain free isn’t that beneficial, it can usually mean a higher calorie content. But I do agree read the ingredients not just the name on the bag.

  5. buda says:

    One of the best sites to check out what dogs foods contain is they breakdown everything you need to know about the food you feed your dog. They list almost every brand and ingredient in that brand and give you an honest read on it. It’s worth checking out.. you may be surprised how bad your current brand is.
    Your dog will love you for it.

  6. That’s true! We must read the label and not easily persuade by the name itself. Good blog! For me, holistic is the one that will bring a good benefit for our pet.

  7. Ali says:

    Solid Gold is a holistic brand that I feed my French bulldog and he does amazing. I am a pet food snob and this brand passes all of my test. Also, they were the first holistic pet food company ever in the US.

  8. I think I will buy pet food online that only use natural ingredients. Thanks for mentioning that I should buy foods that contain whole grains to make sure that I can give my dog the best food that I can afford. Hopefully, they contain chelated minerals so that he’ll be happy and healthy at the same time.

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